About us

GVA is an independent auditing, statutory auditing, accounting, and consultancy group that provides advice on accounting, tax, legal and social matters.

As a foreign company wishing to set up business in France or as a local company wanting to deploy abroad, thanks to UHY, UHY GVA can offers its clients access to a global network of more than 6,800 staff, with 240 offices in over 80 countries. Consisting of independent auditing and consulting firms, UHY, established in 1986, is among the 20 largest audit and consultancy networks worldwide. UHY is a member of the « Forum of Firms’, the main network endorsed by the IFAC.

Founded in 1975, GVA was developed following the merger of two firms: EURAUDIT and GFP.

  • 1989 : GVA becomes a member of the international UHY network « Urbach Hacker Young International », currently established in more than 80 countries with 242 offices.

  • 1997 : UHY GVA becomes a co-founder of the national « DIFFERENCE » Group

  • 2003 : UHY GVA creates Planète Compta / UHY GVA is granted ISO 9001 certification – version 2000

  • 2006 : UHY GVA is a founding member of the ADACEIP, an association that develops quality reference standards audits in Public Interest Entities

  • 2009 : UHY GVA is granted ISO 9001 certification – version 2008 / The firm ARCCA joins UHY GVA.

From the outset, UHY GVA has been committed to all-round quality at the service of customer fulfilment. Today, UHY GVA is led by eight partners with 80 employees

Our values
Ethic & quality

Corporate social responsibility

UHY GVA is certified according to ISO 9001 standard, version 2000 and 2008, and AFAQ Service Commitment since 2007. These certifications involve:

  • Working methods in strict compliance with the most demanding professional regulations

  • Internal quality control procedures oriented towards the satisfaction of our customers

  • A selective recruitment policy

  • A high level of professional training

A high quality of service for audits

At UHY GVA, audit recordkeeping is conducted in accordance with approved professional standards of practice and the professional code of ethics of the National Institute of Statutory Auditors. As a co-founder of ADACEIP (Association of Development Activities for Statutory Auditors in Public Interest Entities) and as a Certified Premium Statutory Auditor, UHY GVA ensures the correct interpretation and adaptation to the changing and requirements of the profession, alongside the other members of the association holding AFAQ/AFNOR certification.